Scrotox Injections

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Is Scrotox safe?


In addition to being used cosmetically in the muscles of facial expression, Botox is used over the entire body to relax muscles. Specific examples include relaxation of the hands in people after a stroke or who suffer from cerebral palsy, relaxation of the esophagus in people with difficulty swallowing, and relaxation of the bladder muscle. Botox in the scrotum is considered “off-label” by the FDA, meaning that it does not have specific approval for that area and the manufacturer cannot advertise its use in the scrotum.

How much Botox is needed?


The number of units of Botox required to achieve the desired result varies between men. The average dose is 75-100 units. Men with a thicker scrotum (thicker Dartos muscle) may require higher doses to achieve results.


How long does it last?


This can vary slightly between men and with different seasons, but on average the results last 3-4 months.


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Scotox Before and After Comparison