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BioTE® ADK 10

BioTE Medical

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BioTE ADK 10 vitamin supplement may help support bone health in both men and women.

BioTE® ADK 10 

This nutraceutical is a combination of three essential vitamins—vitamins A, D3, and K2—and may support improved bone health in both men and women.


What can BioTE ADK10 Supplement do for you?

When taken daily, BioTE ADK 10 supplements promote the positive effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and may help strengthen bones. Depending on the severity of your bone issues, you may choose from BioTE ADK 10--the latter of which includes a higher dose of D3.

The BioTE CORE+ Standard of Care

Backed by BioTE® Medical, the world leader in hormone optimization, BioTE CORE+ is the only nutraceutical line created specifically to supplement bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Featuring superior and essential supplements for patients suffering from hormone deficiency, each product promotes optimal hormone balance through high-quality micronutrients that are necessary for overall health.