EvexiPEL - HRT Complete - T

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HRT-Complete T & E are nutritional supplements designed specifically to support hormone metabolism and utilization. Simply put, HRT-Complete helps the body process and use hormones efficiently. In doing so, it sets the stage for optimal health and the long-term benefits that result from balanced hormones.

The formula was designed to remove “bad” forms of estrogen from the body that threaten breast and prostate health. HRT-Complete also supports the metabolism of “good” estrogen in the body, which has been shown to prevent disease and offer anti-aging benefits.

The nutrients in HRT-Complete also aid other key processes in the body that work hand-in-hand with pellet therapy. These processes support lipid (fat and cholesterol) metabolism,5 insulin sensitivity, liver function and mitochondrial health (mitochondria transform nutrients into the energy needed to carry out different functions). They can also help activate antioxidants, making them more powerful.